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The slewing drive is a gearbox that can safely hold radial and axial loads and transmit torque for rotating. The rotation can be on a single axis or multiple axes together. Slewing drives are made by manufacturing gearing, bearings, seals, housing, motor, and other auxiliary components and assembling them into a finished gearbox. The slewing drive uses precision kinematics to provide a large proportion of single-stage gearing. Bearings and gears are made into a small, self-contained, ready-to-install case to optimize weight and performance. These highly adaptable products also feature robust shock resistance, long life performance, smooth rotation, bearing protection, and sealed drive options. As an experienced slew drive manufacturer, we can provide high-quality slew drives.

Types of Slewing Drives

Slewing drives offer various sizes, capacities, and mounting features to fulfill many functions. Standard models have dual-axis drives turning simultaneously or 2 drives positioned on the same axis. The two-drive setup allows 2 worm threads to drive a ring gear along 1 axis.

Emerging technologies led to an increase in the popularity of the hourglass design in slew drive manufacturing. The new design offers superior performance by employing multiple gear teeth simultaneously. Slewing drives, designed to handle heavier loads, utilize double-row slew bearings instead of single-row bearings.

With a specialized application in solar tracking systems, slewing drives assist in generating a higher solar power output. This is achieved by facilitating equipment mobility with a focus on the sun. Custom solutions are made for applications requiring exceptional load capacity utilizing dynamic and static torque.

Performance Parameters

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Output torque Tilting moment torque Holding torque Axial load Radial load Ratio Backlash Weight
输出转矩 倾覆力矩 保持力矩 轴向承载力 径向承载力 速比 精度 重量
9.5 kN.m 57 kN.m 44.3 kN.m 760 KN 280 KN 79:1 <= 0.15 ° 67Kg
7011 Lbf.ft 41200 Lbf.ft 32700 Lbf.ft 171100 Lbf 62900 Lbf

Typical Case of Slewing Drive

Slew drives are used in industries across the globe. They are used in a variety of applications when it is desired to magnify the power of a motor into a controlled, high torqued output. Because of their ability to withstand (and hold) high loads and deliver high rotational torque, slew drives are used in a variety of industries, such as the following:

(1) Robotics: Slew drives allow the controlled movements required in the automation industry.

(2) Cranes and Lifts: Because of their ability to hold high loads, slew drives are commonplace in cranes and lifts.

(3) Earth Moving and Heavy Machinery: The high torque output and controlled movements possible with slew drives make them ideal for earth-moving equipment.

(4) Wind Energy: Due to their ability to hold high loads, slew drives are commonplace in wind turbines, allowing a turbine’s controlled turn to face the oncoming wind.

Why Choose Our Slewing Drives?

We offer different dimensions and construction series with straight or helical gearing, an open or closed structure, and screws and casing. We use other materials when manufacturing based on the customer’s requirements and operational conditions.

Technical features
Raceway diameter 222 mm up to 640 mm (9 in up to 25 in)
Max. output torque Up to 43,000 Nm (31,585 Ibf-ft)
Weight Up to 250 kg (551 Ibs)
Lubrication Grease
Temperature range -20°C up to +40°C
Design Enclosed housing, ball bearing
Slewing range 360°

Our slewing drives are available in a large variety of standard design sizes. We will gladly develop a slew drive tailored to your requirements if you are looking for an individual solution.

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1. What is the production process?

A: Production process including raw material cutting, machine processing, grinding, accessories cleaning, assembly, cleaning, stoving, oil coating, cover pressing, testing, and packaging.

2. How to control the product’s quality?

A: Combining advanced equipment and strict management, we provide a high standard and quality slewing drive for our customers worldwide.

3: How long is your delivery time?

A: If there is stock, it is within 7 days; if there is no stock, it is 25-45 days, depending on the quantity.

4. Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

A: We have our factory with 20 years of experience in slewing drive; our type is factory + trade.

5: What are your terms of payment?

A: Stocks goods,100% prepaid. If goods need to produce,30% prepaid and the balance paid before shipment. For big orders over 50000 USD, we can accept L/C At sight.

6. What is your MOQ?

A: For standard type, no MOQ. To produce goods, we need according to slewing drive type.

7. What is transportation?
A: Small quantity, by express, such as DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX. If large quantity, by sea or air.

8. Can you provide OEM service?
A: Yes, we provide OEM service, do as your size, packing, and other requirements.

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